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Taught me how to convert to Islam

Taught me how to convert to Islam

قس بالفاتيكان يسلم على يد صبي مصري ماسح للأحذية 

When he saw this child the color of my skin white cheering and face a big smile and said to me, peace be upon you and this was the beginning of my knowledge, true Islam, and during the week I spent in Cairo, I was on the boy and learned from him some Arabic words and you tell him I see him, "How are ya beautiful" and has always been given praise to God .
He then returned to London reconcile where he taught six different religions of the children in a school, did not identify, such as Christianity, Judaism, Sikh, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, and had been to collect students of Arab descent and Muslims. Tawfiq said "In this time I did not understand anything about Islam to help me in teaching children to read so I decided to get that information."

He Tawfiq: "I found that my love for Islam increases whenever I read more, as I found my eyes flooded with tears when I remember the Prophet peace be upon him after a few months .. and when it came the month of Ramadan asked me to children at the school a place of prayer was not only to find the chapter on me because it is the only place contains a rug here and began monitoring their actions and what they do during the prayer and then went to the Internet so that information gleaned about how the Muslim prayers. "
With the end of Ramadan was able to reconcile the assets learn Muslim prayers and the help of children, and surprised his disciples to fast with them, although he is not Muslim and in the end of the month he had fasted Ramadaan in full.

Details of his conversion to Islam
Regarding the decision to convert to Islam Tawfiq said: "It took me a year and a half since the interview the boy and even publicity and I was thinking during this period and to meet some people and reading extensively."
And went on: "The more I read the more I got to know about Islam and Muslims more during the year and a half I got to know many of them and I was happy to be with them and it became clear to me that they are not the picture painted by the western media about them and this was before the events of September 11 directly."
Al-Idris what he made after his conversion to Islam that after the "I entered Islam I went to school and began to teachers in applauding me because they love me as a person .. I then went to the headmaster and told him that you would expect when I tell you that I became a Muslim individual and said we all expect this."

The correct way to call to Islam in the West
And the correct way to call to Islam in the West, "said Tawfiq:" When I was 20 years ago I went on a trip to Rome with my friends and I was a Catholic, and on Sunday we went to church big in Milan and during the mass said the Rev. sermon in Italian I did not understand and I found around me did not understand the discourse Although the youths also Italians. "
"The reason for this is due to the difficult language that was spoken by the priest, which is for clergy only the ordinary people do not understand, so I've learned since then that if I wanted to talk with ordinary people about religion must speak in simple language and easy."
He added: "It is not true, for example, to go to the people in the West and tell them you are wrong, Vlolhm did not think of God at all, it may be all thinking is focused on the football or cars or purchases, so proper way to communicate with them to begin over the normal life."
He continued: "I mean that Islam is the natural religion of all creatures since the beginning of creation it addresses all the hearts of men and women, because his message is very simple and universal, says that there is a God and that God speaks to us and this is simply Islam."

Relations reconcile after Islam
And his relationship with his friends after Islam, Tawfiq said: "After my conversion to Islam, I moved away and my friends in the church for each other in a respectful manner and can be likened to what happened in divorce .. I can not do anything detrimental to my friends or to church, I love them with all my heart."

Interestingly, in an interview with Tawfik his family the British did not consider his conversion from Christianity to Islam thing "killer" as he put it, and said: "because my family loves me I accepted the decision with an open mind to the point that my mother go to church every day and give my books that you've authored, such as a series ask about Islam or I ask about Islam to her friends because she loves her son. "
And continued: "I was able then to form a good relationship during my travels around the world with Christian leaders I speak to them with respect and this respect will make the other listen to you, but unfortunately we as Muslims often raise our voices even though there are verses in the Qur'an rejects it."
As for his opinion on religious extremism, "said Idris:" There is a saying in English private media say if there was blood, it will be shown on television in the sense if found 100 cars and one has an accident it only will appear on the screen, but the 99 remaining who did not talk to them the problems will not show so When I travel to America and say to me Are you a terrorist .. I say to them: Come with me to my residence and Soarafk the Sheriff on the ground floor and Ahmed, his wife and children on the third floor. "
He added: "I tell them that these people are ordinary because they go to work to provide food for their families and pray five times and are not militants, so I did not show on TV .. makers the problems in the west want us to walk on a platform of a specific or talk about the explosion of terrorism or war .. so tell them I will not be has fallen behind you I will not speak Pfkirkm. "
He talked about his reaction following the publication of cartoons of the Prophet "Y" where he said: "At this time I was in Cairo and found reactions of Muslims in the newsletter, Western and found them throwing stones and burning flags compared to the reaction of Sheikh Al-Azhar, who appeared and destination of a message to the world in which he said that the Prophet (r) is not the case, Islam is not the case here and I said to myself We do what the West wants to do. "
"Our strength does not come from throwing stones Our strength comes from within us .. we need to do when we face that we are very strong but in a civilized .. There are many ways to notify the other to reject what he does without throwing stones .. and the first step should be done is to take a deep breath and then Think well before you uttered something and conclusion must apply what Islam calls us not to consider the West look low. "
Conciliation and Palestine
During the talk to draw the attention of the presenter Hana fruiting flag of Palestine hanging on the chest of Tawfiq I asked him about the secret in that and he replied saying: "Last year, when the aggression on Gaza, I was in Cairo and went to a hospital to visit the injured from the strip and found true Muslims, amputated hands and legs but they Sabrin Mahzben, Vuadthm to speak with them and explain the issue of Palestine whenever I spoke about Islam in any place. "
The Delegation Tawfiq, addressing the audience: "Now you see me sitting to drink coffee and eat cake and your brothers in Palestine digging underground tunnels to pass food and drink," "You and attention to their cause by helping them understand your brothers"

Message to the young man who caused his conversion to Islam
In the end sent a conciliation letter to the young man who caused his conversion to Islam, saying: "This boy does not know that I converted to Islam, but the Day of Resurrection will be surprised when you read the good deeds of angels that he has done this and this .. but do a lot, especially The other work indirectly, such as caused to hold a lot of Islam through me. "
He concluded by saying: "From watching me do not realize that he can influence others through good treatment even through a smile and no words .. do not need because the give others lectures, all that is required of you to say you're Muslim and you must go to prayer now .. If everyone of us He lived a good Muslim world Serrana well Christpununa. "
"There is a very important point I would like to refer to is not that we make as adults in the Age of Islam is a religion is complex and difficult but the fact is the religion of simple and easy to talk when we're talking about a complex manner, so people do not understand the beauty of Islam and the paper.


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